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Lynn White

Lynn White was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended the Oklahoma school For The blind in Muskogee through high school. He attended college for two years at East Central state University in Ada, Oklahoma.

After graduating he Moved to Dallas where he worked for the Internal Revenue service.

Lynn became interested in amateur radio and obtained his novice license in 1974, and his advanced license in 1976.

In the late 90s, Lynn became fascinated with the idea that a commercial radio station could be heard on the internet. He reasoned that this technology would eventually come to anyone who was willing to learn how it could be done.

While working for ACB Radio Interactive, he started his own Christian and family station, which has been in operation for well over a decade.

Some of his hobbies are studying the Bible, reading, sports and playing the piano.

He has three children.

His philosophy on broadcasting is to do his best to make the listener feel encouragement and to have lots of fun while they are listening to and interacting with him on his shows.

You may contact me at

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